Friday, March 21, 2008

Better Way To Buy Business Insurance In Tempe

Want to save on Umbrella Insurance?

Instead of turning several brokers loose to shop
the market, ask each broker which underwriter
he feels he has the most clout with. Then assign
him to approach that underwriter for a bid on your
company's insurance.


* If an underwriter is approached by more than one
broker in your behalf,
he'll want to avoid the deal.
He won't know which broker to talk to and will want
to avoid being the middle of a quarrel.

** Every underwriter has favored brokers.
Once an underwriter makes a quote, he won't
reduce it for a favored broker even if he wants to.
It just isn't done in the business insurance.
That's why it's important to send each of your brokers
where he can exert the greatest influence.

What to do if your own broker has already gotten
quotes you think are too high?

Find out where he's been and assign new brokers
to additional sources.


A very sophisticated broker can go back to an
underwriter and get a lower quote. He does it by
changing the terms of the policy slightly. It should
not have a significant effect on your coverage,
but it will give the underwriter an excuse if the
original broker complains. The premium is lower
because the coverage is different.


Make sure your brokers are describing your
business accurately. It can make a big difference
in rating and, thus, your premium.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Be Aware of Flashing Lights on Rural Road

Do you want to take a picture of yourself?

On Northbound just before Rio Salado Parkway and
on Southbound just before 6th Street on Rural Road,
there are traffic cameras to catch the speeders
try to make green lights to cross.

Since the speed limit is only 35 mph,
it is So easy to set the cameras off.
I see flashing lights every time I go through that corner.

I believe the cameras are set to go on at 36 mph or higher.
So just Do Not Speed when you come to the corner.
City of Tempe is making a killing on these cameras.

Don't be a victim of these cameras.

Remember I told you so.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Tempe Marketplace Is A Big Success

Tempe has one more successful marketplace

Recently opened Tempe Marketplace is a huge success!

Located on Northeast corner of Rio Salado Parkway and
McClintock Road, Tempe's newest outdoor shopping mall
decorated with holiday decos and glittering signs
attracts busy holiday shopping crowds

During the peak days before Christmas
you may have hard time to find a parking space

So shop early and relax at home when your neighbours
fight to get in there

The shops are spread over
so you will get your daily walking workouts
while you hop store to store

My only concern is
"Will I see the same crowds during Arizona's
dry hot summer season?"

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

This is my family picture taken in summer of
2006 at my living room. As you see, I have lovely wife of 23 years Amy and my teenage son DH.
We also have two chihuahuas named Charlie and Angel. See how they look at each other in this pic. Our daughter NY took this so she is behind the camera.
We just bought a treadmill two weeks ago to keep jogging indoor even hot weather.
Have a great week!

June Choi